Music Video: “Just Make It Stop” by Low

How have I never heard of the band Low?! This Indie-Rock/Alternative band from Duluth, MInnesota has only three members, but their sound is rich. Married couple Alan Sparhawk (guitar) and Mimi Parker’s (drums) vocal harmonies are both wistful and full of sorrow. Their song, “Just Make It Stop”,  is from their tenth full-length album titled The Invisible Way released on March 19th, 2013. Cool info is that it was produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy and recorded at Wilco’s studio in Chicago!

This song is what caught my ear and heart while listening to a favorite local station in Chicago, WXRT. I don’t know what I would do without that station. They always keep me on my toes with new Indie music.

It made me question: what are they singing about wanting to stop? Insecurities, mental anguish, OCD, being in love with the wrong person, being in love with the right person, an addiction, war, abuse? What?! It pulled at my heart and then gave me hope when I saw the video. I am not usually a video person and prefer live versions but it’s just too visually beautiful not to watch.

Isn’t it the perfect pairing with Fangirl? I envision Cath or maybe her father pleading these words. Beautiful.

“You see I’m close to the edge
I’m at the end of my rope
The rope is starting to thread
I’m trying to keep my hold
You say I’m something I’m not
But I’m not what I seem
Get my back off the wall
If I could just make it stop”

“Now I’m looking up
From a ten foot hole
Seeing nothing but blue sky
Shining on my soul
As I untie the chord
And untwist the knot
We could get where we’re going
If I could just make it stop” ~ “Just Make It Stop” by Low

Check them out here at :


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