Flashback Friday: The Killers: “When You Were Young”


“When You Were Young” came out in 2006 off of their second album Sam’s Town. This song kills me every time with the change of pace and bagpipe sounding guitar riffs, but it’s the words about youth, ideal love, heartache and danger that tug at my heart. The Killers are one of those bands for me that when I hear their songs on the radio, I can’t turn the station and have to blast the music. Find out more about upcoming tours and music here at their site:

Now as much as I love acoustic versions and seeing a band’s versatility, this is the version that I fell in love with and found it live on You Tube at the amazing Royal Albert Hall. I dislike crowds but being at a live concert jumping up and down with the fans and singing along…is there anything better? Turn up your speakers!

“They say the Devil’s water it aint so sweet

You don’t have to drink right now

But you can dip your feet

Every once in a little while” ~ The Killers, “When You Were Young” 2006


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