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A shout out for Jax!

**Update: Charlie Hunnam has recently dropped out of Fifty Shades of Gray as the lead of Christian. But you can still see him on Sons of Anarchy on FX.

“You need to watch Sons of Anarchy.” This was the exact text I received from my separated at birth and dear friend, Ms. Darcy. Our texts are cryptic like that. We won’t talk for a few and then out of the blue one liners show up and find we are eerily on the same page about books/music/entertainment/gossip/parenting/life/what have you.

Yes, it came about because of the latest news for the casting of Fifty Shades of Grey and Charlie Hunnam. Might as well chime in, right?

Sons of Anarchy was on my radar for some time after hearing about it often in reviews and nominated on awards shows. But to add another series to my “down time” was just not an option. As you might notice, I am more of a book and music person, but occasionally a TV series consumes my time and reading goes on the back burner. Well, thanks a lot, Ms. Darcy. You’ve done it again. And I thank you! (Except that I was up until 3am watching last night, so I apologize in advance for ramblings and editing errors).

Sons of Anarchy premiered on FX in 2008 and follows an out-law motorcycle club. It’s addicting to watch and very brutal, but the storyline is griping and you have to keep watching to see how it plays out. And yes, I was curious about Mr. Hunnam. Not to worry though, he has some serious acting chops and I think will be an excellent Christian. He has the commanding presence as well as a softer side that I think will work to his advantage. Hunnam did look familiar and then I realized he was in the 2002 movie Nicholas Nickleby, which I really liked. Resume getting better here, folks. And he’s British yet does a mean American biker accent.

Of course I read Fifty Shades of Grey and while I didn’t love it as some readers did, it left an impression. Enough of an impression to read all three, for some series I abandon after the first installment. They just couldn’t hook me, but FSoG did. This is primarily a book blog, so we must go there. Typically, the male leads of my preference aren’t dominating, controlling or tortured, but the story was intriguing and the cute texts and banter between Ana and Fifty were memorable. As were some of the scenes…how could you forget them? Ms. James did start a new area for readers and writers to explore and you have to give her kudos for that.

I am definitely not worried about the physical transformation Hunnam will undergo to become Grey. Hollywood will figure it out and hopefully they will have a decent budget to “get it right”. However, I really prefer his grungier look of Jax. Don’t you just love when actors have some versatility?


Look Ma, he’s reading!


Charlie Hunnam as Jax

* The sixth season of Sons of Anarchy will premiere on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 and I am only on season two. Gotta run and get comfy with Netflix and see what trouble Jax is getting into.

*All photos were borrowed from Jax fans on Pinterest.


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