Looking for some new & FREE summer music?

Noisetrade has an excellent selection of new music for just about everyone’s tastes. They released a new sampler album with pop/rock favorites Neko Case and Calexico; bluesy sounds from Mavis Staples and Sean Rowe; folk faves The Milk Carton Kids and The Melodic as well as some more mellow tracks from Beth Orton and a heartbreaking but beautiful song from Keaton Henson.

Anti Records Summer Sampler

The best thing about Noisetrade is that all music is absolutely free and if you love what you hear, you can leave a tip for the artists. But even better than being free is that you can listen to entire albums and entire songs before you purchase. No snippets or teasers!

Get on their mailing list and find all sorts of new music and artists as they are released. Even some of your favorites will be on there as well. You can also type in what artist you love and they will give you suggestions in the same genre.


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