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Five Things You Need to Know About Young Adult Fiction by Kelly Jensen at Book Riot

This article is for all you readers out there who are “scared” of YA. That goes for my friends who shy away from YA because they think that it’s geared only to teens and people younger than themselves. Ahem…the ones rounding forty.

Librarian and blogger, Kelly Jensen hit the nail on the head when she mentions To Kill A Mockingbird; “Would you call To Kill a Mockingbird a children’s book because it is about a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old? No.” The same goes for books that have teens and young adults in the story but have a much more adult theme. Trust me, I read a book recently deemed “YA/Teen” and it had more steamy sex scenes, vulgarity and violence than True Blood. Well, maybe not more, but wow! I just hope they change the label for the sake of parents out there who continue to try and shelter their teens for a few more years.

Bottom line, if the synopsis intrigues you and it catches your attention, just pick it up and read it regardless of it’s label. Check out her article here: Five Things You Need to Know About Young Adult Fiction.


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