Quote of the day

Quote of the day

This has been an ongoing problem I have had since elementary school when the teacher would pass out book order forms. I didn’t ever really need a new book, but the excerpts would grab me and the covers were so pretty. Yes, I understand this is not a “serious” dilemma to have but it continues into my adulthood. Now just add ebooks from various sources to the mix. I am embarrassed to say how many apps I have with books waiting to be read on my tablet in addition to the paper ones on my bookshelves.  In addition, I LOVE my public library and my account of requests continues to grow. They always seem to be available at the same time at pick up and then I have to choose which one to read first! Hmm…

I haven’t done a book review lately because honestly I read a book that I didn’t really like. I will not bash it here on my blog, that’s not what this blog is for. We have varied tastes and need different things from books at different times in our lives. I LOVE the author and have read several books by him/her and think they are absolutely brilliant. How could I “trash” someone’s work when I wish I could write a paragraph at their caliber?  It just wasn’t “my cup of tea”. That being said, I was left a bit lost after reading it and didn’t know where to turn to next in my pile. Do I buy a new one? Can I not trust my pile of books that I thought sounded good at one time? I did manage to regroup and am in the middle of one I can’t put down. (phew!)

So my question is…after finishing a book, how do you know which one to pick next? What seemed intriguing and interesting a month ago, might not anymore. Do you go by your mood? The feeling the last book left you with? If it wasn’t a favorite and left you feeling flat, do you try a different genre? If you loved it, do you try to find a similar book? Stick with the same author? Go out of your comfort zone and try something entirely new?

Oh, such decisions, decisions. Us poor readers! 😉

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