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On The Island by: Tracey Garvis-Graves

15505346[3]Oh my greatness! I can’t believe this was Tracey Garvis-Graves’ first book! This story was captivating through and through. It was one of those books that had to be reread immediately after just to relive the story and experience it once again.

Thirty year old teacher Anna was hired to tutor sixteen year old TJ, who missed a lot of school while going through cancer treatment in the Maldives. Their plane goes down and….I will not say any more! 🙂

Their experience was frightening yet they were so brave and became allies and friends to get through harrowing days and nights. They had to in order to survive. You can feel their hunger, thirst, worry, despair, exhaustion and even happy moments when they get through another day wondering if someone will save them. You feel as if you are right there with TJ and Anna as they go through each day on the island. It reminded me of Castaway with Tom Hanks but with more emotion.

“[T.J.] If she had gotten sick, the only thing I could have done was watch her suffer. Bury her next to Mick when she died. I didn’t know if I could make it without her. The sound of her voice, her smile, her– those were the things that made living on the island bearable. I held her a little tighter and thought if she woke up I might tell her that. She didn’t though. She sighed in her sleep, and eventually I drifted off.”

Will Anna and TJ get saved? Will they become more than friends? Will they survive a deserted island? YOU MUST READ TO FIND OUT!

The rotating POV was well executed and didn’t feel confusing while reading. Tracey Garvis-Graves captured Anna’s thoughts and feelings as well as TJ’s teenage voice so well. I love hearing from both characters and how they felt.

Being a teacher/tutor myself, I wasn’t sure how the story would play out. The age difference never felt awkward or trashy…not that I am saying anything happens. Anna never treated TJ like a child and TJ is older than his years due to the fact that he went through cancer and all that it entails. My parents are 14 years apart and maybe that is why the age difference never bothered me. As the author stated spot on “you can always age up but aging down is much more difficult”. The book affirms that no matter what you look like, your age, or what people think about your relationship, you find love in many forms but most importantly is how you feel with the one you love.

“I don’t fit in your world.”
“Neither do I,” he said, his expression tender yet resolute. “So let’s make our own. We’ve done it before.”


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