Nose stuck in a book on vacay. I was obsessed with the Sookie Stackhouse series.

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by. The Daily Dosage was created in April 2013 as a way to highlight the little things in life that get you through the day. Make you smile. Can’t live without. Here is how this blog really came about.

So of course this blog is mostly about books: Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction, YA, Memoirs, Children’s…yes quite all over the place but I love reading and sticking to one genre just bores me to tears. I want this blog to be a place for ALL readers. There is something for everyone.

But in between book reviews, you’ll also find music, quotes, humor, recipes…and more.

Those are just a few things talked about here at this site. I am by no means an expert but a mom of two, wife to one, sister, daughter, aunt and teacher trying to find the balance of it all. And still find the time for the things I love. Literature, music, cooking, humor, health & wellness are all excellent doses, you just have to find the right prescription.

To contact me please send an email to dailydosagemail@gmail.com

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